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Default Re: Carl Jung. New Age Subversive Or Genuine Truth Seeker?

Van Der Post was an occultist, an weirdo who would go to Africa to participate in rituals and get stoned. He could as well do that in England.
Fair enough. But I caution as the amount of outright BULLSHIT I have read on these matters would fill a truck several times over. Idle gossip and inuendo becomes "fact". Just like when nursing, I complained about the amount of drugs being taken by nurses from the "drug cupboard"...i found out 3 years later that completely made up rumours had become "fact" that I was a drug addict on Pethidine and covering my arse!

He was a friend of Jung (an idiot led by his spirit guide, so fooled that he thought it was a voice from his unconscious)
I have read every word written by Jung, i'm afraid you will have your opinion and I will have mine.

...and initiated Prince Charles in occultism...Charlie went to Africa himself later to participate in the same ritual.
Again, i'd like the reference if you can...ta SAT. :-)
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