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Default Re: Unmasking the Truth about Witches

What is it with the Christians trying to convert everyone and then the critics of Christianity turn around and try to do the same thing?

Let people come. Or let them rot wherever it is they choose to rot.

The Churches are to blame and ABOVE all a world of dead and dry materialism which makes Jack VERY dull boy.

Men and women, boys and girls want to EXPERIENCE religion! And what do the Churches offer?

Now we have the 'evangelicals' who all look they're on high doses of Prozac or off their heads on "speed".

When will the tools required to "know God" be given by the Church or are the Wiccans and Freemasons going to do it for them...but to a different God?

Blame the stupid Church.

They chose safety and power over decentralising the power to know God...and have lost to the "New Age".

We can only hope as time goes on that once the fad is over people will return from whence they came with a reinvigorated and renewed faith.
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