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Default Re: Articles you might find interesting.

Phillip, I thought you would be interested in this article:

Creationists Who Accept Copernicanism

Don’t Realize That, Without It, the Big Bang Cosmology

Which They Reject Would Immediately Self-Destruct

and Destroy the Entire Superstructure of Evolutionism....

It seems that virtually all Creationist Scientists reject the Big Bang Paradigm for the evolution of the universe while at the same time they support the Heliocentric Concept of a rotating Earth orbiting the sun. These are the positions taken by the leadership of the world’s most prominent Creationist Organization, the Institute for Creation Research in California. Quotations by the leadership at ICR on those subjects can be confirmed (HERE, pp.9-11).

The same position is held by another prominent Creationist Organization in the USA, i.e., the Answers In Genesis operation in Kentucky (HERE, p.13).

There are new gains in understanding relevant to the heliocentric model and the Big Bang Paradigm that should hold the keenest interest for these and all other Creationists, professional scientists or not.

One of those gains concerns a growing awareness that--like the evolution myth itself--the heliocentric model rests totally on observation-denying and experiment-denying assumptions (HERE). This vulnerability to a purely scientific assault is also apparent in the eye-popping level of high tech fraud and bluff that is inherent in the whole success of the Big Bang Cosmology (HERE - HERE). And, of course, the success of Big Bangism is now providing the rationale for ALL evolutionism, i.e., the evolution of the universe, the evolution of the Earth, the evolution of all plant and animal life, the evolution of Mankind, the evolution of "extraterrestrial, alien life forms" (e.g., Mars...: HERE - HERE - HERE).

Another gigantic gain in understanding this truth-mugging fantasy is the realization that the Big Bang Model is completely dependent upon preventing any real attack upon its cosmological foundation, viz., the Copernican Heliocentric Model. Just like Copernicanism and Darwinism (HERE - HERE), Copernicanism and Big Bangism are symbiotically connected (HERE - HERE - HERE, p.9).

Also, Creationists who haven’t done so also need to update their understanding of the Evolutionary Paradigm Shift from Darwinism to Panspermiaism (HERE). Inherent in that shift--which has been quietly going on since the early ‘80’s--is a muted admission that the Darwinist Model simply can not account for the beginning of life on earth. The Panspermia Theory ( pagan mythology) opines that bacteria is borne and nurtured inside of comets and spread around a 15 billion mile thick universe where trillions land on "environmentally friendly planets" and proceed to evolve into the extraterrestrial apparitions that now engulf the theaters, the telly, the book stores & games & toys.
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