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Default Re: Hi, new here. Have stupid questions. Trust no one.

People really are quite stupid. Just look at the reference to a train in Outer Eastern Melbourne, by TB, to see how going over his posts would pretty much deliver you on his front door in the matter of a few weeks.

That's assuming of course, you percieve him to be a threat, a crafty wordsmith and intellectual and charismatic leader of the oppressed and fallen, and worthy of your time and resources.

Having said that, nobody would bother with TB, obviously.
Actually I live in Perth, West Oz.

I have been surveilled for 2 years. Mostly they were nice. Till they took $290 from a bill envelope. They needed me because there were no interesting people to surveille. Budgets must be kept!

It seems that people like you must remain anonamous NEX...because you are a tosser lurking about your forum of choice with your multiple "nicks".

"Let your yes be yes! and your no, no!"

You should read the bible more NEX. You might learn something about standing up straight and level before the man instead of skulking like a beaten dog around the forums stirring the pot for amusement. 8-)

Later, you weak willed Dawgggggggg...
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