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Default Re: Hi, new here. Have stupid questions. Trust no one.

As for you "Puffin Billy"'s why I find you offensive...

And even that wouldn't prompt me to post about it if there wasn't this Christian superiority complex running through most threads. Almost a deliberate rubbing-of-noses in certain people's superiority simply because of what church you attend.
Including your Church of the eternally "tolerant".

People who practice a religion that you don't practice aren't evil. This includes witchcraft, which is a real religion called Wicca, which has the main rule that whatever you do comes back on threefold, so they aren't hurting anybody if they know what's good for them. It's different from Satanism. It's different from Paganism. It's different from New Age Spiritualism. READ A BOOK.
Wheeeeeewie!!!! Where do I begin with this one? Please note this quote from this thread...

Iím just Christian and doing my best to follow Jesus and trying not to let this world go down the toilet.
Cue laughter...

I don't know why I'm explaining this if you still think that people of the Jewish faith are evil. Oh wow! Just thinking about how people still think the jews are evil shocks me!
Just which "branch" of Judaism are we talking about? Feel free to embrace your Jewish brothers in down town Jerusalem or Tel Aviv with a "I Love Jesus" T-Shirt...take some face wash.

There are so many religions out there populated with people just trying to achieve their highest spiritual potential. It makes me sick when people spit on that.
Indeed. Christ can tell you all about people spitting on your religion...and in your face.

Truly, your views show that the age of innocence has not yet passed. Tis you my friend who needs to read a book and indeed watch some documentaries. Heres one for you...

The Allmighty/God/Allah/Fate/Karma has brought you here. This forum has it's own tone. If by some miracle you bring "new" news to the CC malcontents you will be embraced. If you are bringing the same old same old then...there's the door.

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