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Default Re: Hi, new here. Have stupid questions. Trust no one.

I tend to think that the illuminati is like the mossad, but even less capable. they have no standing armies. they can only use people via deception, and they probably number in the thousands at most.
I prefer to think of the Illuminati as a state of mind. Sure there are those who "know" the exact game plan and then there are those who believe themselves above God...they worship themselves and a "wavering" set of values that comes and goes with the wind. In the end they worship man over God. The State or a group of people over God.

In the end they worship power.

I meet them everywhere and at all times. Sometimes when I look in the mirror.

I have asked over 100 people this specific question...

"What do you think of living in compact high density cities where life is highly controlled but you want for basically nothing. A job is gauranteed. The Earths population is culled to 500million. Baby fur seals thrive and the environment "recovers". You are tracked and traced from birth to death. Their is NO individual freedom as such. Politics is replaced by 'wise elders' who are not elected as such. Religion is basically outlawed."

And without a word of a lie, apart from very small points, EVERY one of the people have replied that it's a good idea and inevitable.

Illuminati stooges one and all.
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