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Default Interesting post on another forum.

A guy in the military always posting those e-mails that he's recieved about how good Iraq know, the schools, the power and water being restored etc.

Got posted to Iraq, and made his first post since being back.

After 2 1/2 months of training, I finally made it to my final destination...Tikrit.
I'm staying in a building that looks like swiss cheese after being shot up by our guys during the war.
Will let you know more soon, and maybe pics (if allowed.)
second post
Did my first convoy 2 days ago. I was a SAW (M249) gunner in one of the gun trucks. Let me tell you, Iraq is something different. The place is dirty as **** and trash is everywhere on the side of the road. IEDs are everywhere around here. Burn marks and IED craters everywhere. Baji is one scary town. We've already found IEDs and land mines.
Sorry I can't get into know how it is!

I'll try to get you some pics as soon as I can.
maybe there's a new convert in the making.

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