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Default Re: Unmasking the Truth about Witches

Enter any bookstore in Brazil and all you see is Wiccan books. There is even one about Wiccan culinary. Middle class women in search of money, success and men are the main target. They are swallowing this sinker and hook. Wicca is perfectly aligned with this new spirit of the age: "you deserve it, you are fabulous, you are a Goddess, the world must be at your feet." Sorry ladies, but Wicca is a man made (Gardner created it) religion based on old paganism for the women of the XX century in search of power. Makow should write about it. It is the feminist / L'Oreal cosmetics religion

The book Wicca: Satan's White Lie by Bill Schonebelen (a former witch) is the best I have read about it.
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