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Default Re: Carl Jung. New Age Subversive Or Genuine Truth Seeker?

I was going to post a long reply but thought better of it.

In the end, Jung is asking for criticism. Some severe. His private life was a mess and his attempts to make "mystical" seem "empircal" was asking for trouble...although that was'nt a complete failure, but he mixed the 2 so badly. Seemingly pulling "stuff" out of his hat, which he could...and was more often right than wrong.

If there was a list of what Jung has contributed?

That man MUST have a connection to the divine. Without spirituality he over eats, drinks and takes drugs and is open to the political whim of the day being blown this way and that with NO value in himself over that given him by the State and his fellows.

That "religion" is as sure an instinct as "hunger" or "thirst". Without it, man degenerates spiritually and then physically. His analysis of myths and stories throught history show their is a common "thread" belonging to ALL the human race. The "Collective Unconscious"...shared by all humanity and the repository of ALL human potential. Ultimately lying dormant in the DNA. And from where does that flow from? But from God.

Jung has restored in some measure the dignity of man in a time of rampant materialism and political madness while the Churches stood back and said...

That he was all over the place and left his "stuff" open to countless interpretation was his fault. He warned his work was incomplete and that he should NOT be turned into a "cult" but that is EXACTLY what has happened.

I'll Close with his comment before his death..."if all I have done is create another 'ism' all my work was for nothing".

As for me? His work enabled me the "tools" to have an "inner life" to tame psychic forces that would have destroyed me.

Jungs work is a "tool" and NOT religion. His "followers" have ensured that Jung instead of Jung's work have become the issue. He is partly to blame for this. I think in his shadow lay a desire for power that he fought consciously all his life.

In the end you are right...there is too much to criticise. However, there is gold in their. Not for everyone.
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