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Default Is this for real? BNP claims 'hundreds' of white girls victimized by Pakistani pedophilia gangs


Against West Yorkshire Police’s institutional anti-white racism


National Demonstration. Keighley Town Hall.

2.00 p.m. Saturday 5th November

“It’s time for the police to stop turning a blind eye to anti-white racist child abuse. Racist perverts should be behind bars or deported, not free to groom, molest, drug and rape girls as young as twelve. Chief Constable Cramphorn must get tough with the Muslim paedophile gangs, or resign.”

This was the reaction of Bradford BNP council group leader Dr. Jim Lewthwaite to the shocking news that the police had secretly scrapped the unit investigating the sexual abuse of hundreds of young white girls by gangs of Muslim men in West and South Yorkshire.

Call for national demonstration

With locals furious about this Politically Correct betrayal, the BNP, together with the Keighley group Mothers Against Paedophiles, has called a major national demonstration. The aim is to provide a legitimate and sensible way for the white community to express its anger, and to pressure the police to reinstate the investigation and take action against the racist perverts.

Bradford BNP council group deputy leader, Cllr. Angela Clarke, is writing to Chief Constable Cramphorn with further details of the campaign’s demands and the concerns behind them:

“West Yorkshire police must be about the most Politically Correct force in the country, but even though we’ve come to expect them to be useless and biased against the white community even we’ve been shocked by the cynical way they’ve buried the investigation into ‘grooming.’ Only the other day the arrest of scores of mainly white perverts for downloading child porn on the Internet was national news, so we’ve got a situation where paedophiles elsewhere in the country rightly feel the force of the law for looking at sick pictures, but here in Keighley and elsewhere in this county paedophile gangs are allowed to groom, abuse and rape hundreds of innocent young girls, and the police turn a blind eye. Cramphorn is a bloody disgrace.”


I wasn't particularily fond of the muslims before this, but if this is true, what kind of backlash can we expect in the future? Is it possible that the elite is encouraging them to act this way, or are they recruiting criminals the same way FEMA does? :-o

\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

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