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Default Re: Is this for real? BNP claims 'hundreds' of white girls victimized by Pakistani pedophilia gangs

How about comparing it to the immigrants Castro ejected from Cuba; they weren't educated, civilized, God-fearing people, they were the worst, most violent, ruthless criminals from the Cuban jails that hit the Southern states of America, and most infamously Florida (Pacino in Scarface).

In Sweden it's the same problem as this article describes in England. Walk down the street in any mid-size town in Sweden and you see the same thing: masses of economic immigrants coming to take advantage of the welfare system and all the benefits, without ever having to even learn the language, let alone do an honest day's work. On top of that many, many of these also deal drugs, weapons etc.

Now, considering the fact that most African countries have a Socialist or outright Marxist/Communist government, or the few that don't, are ravaged by civil war where at least one of the parties is a Socialist/Marxist/Communist guerilla, and considering many millions of these people taking part in these civil wars are totally brainwashed and desensitized by the horrors of war waged for many years, sometimes decades, where the use of terror against the civilian populace, by the means of among many other horrors rape, is as natural as having a cup of tea, when these people turn up en masse in the Western world as "refugees" from war-torn countries, they don't forget their past behaviour and turn into law abiding, good, upright members of society.

The same goes for Middle Eastern refugees.

So, I see multiple reasons for the Elite to create this problem.

First, they want to destabilize a region to implement control of the human resources, rob that region of it's natural resources and make money selling both sides the arms with which they'll kill eachother off - population control.

Second, by the point above they create millions of refugees fleeing to other parts of the world where the economic standard is higher, i.e. the Western World. This creates cheap slave labour in said western countries for the industries of the Elite. This brings about a destabilization in those societies that try to accommodate these refugees. But in this capacity they are the weapon of destabilization called 'criminalism' and it spreads like a global virus, taking drug culture from the decades of war with it, along with the dehumanizing, degrading and traumatizing mass terror weapon of rape.

This in turn breaks down the identity of the host nation and race to where they are emigrating.

The reason their crimes are so out of proportion is mainly because they really are no more belivers in Allah than the Swedes are belivers in Christ. They are totally desesitized to violence, rape and perversion and are in fact robbed of their souls.
(Sweden is the most successful Communist experiment in brainwashing because they are not even aware of it.)

These "Muslims" are no believers in Allah. So we can't really name them as if they were a religious group, bcause they are not religious. They are non-believers or soul-less dehumanized animals; just simple, materialist, Communist "human resources", just like your White trash trailer-park, beer-guzzling, TV watching, brawling, social misfits of America, and it's equivalent from all different parts of the world.

The one unifying factor is that they are the Fourth Estate, that is, the MASSES, the Collective Man, the <a href="">Homo Sovieticus</a>.
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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