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I just re-discovered this thought process:
"Are the modern elite Masons (global elite) linked to the biblical Elohim?" Of course they are. They are one and the same! It wasn't Christ's Father who created the human race, it was the Elohim!

Genesis 1:26; "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: . . ."

The word "God" has to be a plural entity because the usage refers to more than one individual. Studying the Hebrew bible, which is the ORIGINAL, reveals that the creative act is attributed to a certain ELOHIM---- a plural term that at the least should be translated as "gods," not "God". You need to be aware that the quoted verse also explains why "The Adam" was created: "For there was no Adam to till the land." These are two important --- and unsettling --- hints to who had created Man and why.

Man was created by the Elohim as a slave. They are the ones spoken of by ancient civilizations as being "the gods".

The fact that we see the numbers which are linked to modern day Freemasonry encoded within our DNA only proves that the modern day global elite are the biblical Elohim. It also proves that Freemasonry is older than the human race!

With all the combined evidence we can honestly say that we know who created the human race and for what purpose. They left their calling cards all over the place and didn't do a good enough job hiding them."

and I started to think about it.....
Why not?
I mean we more or less run around all day for hours on end grabbing resources and piling them up for odd reasons.......For who?
Images of UFO's can be found in ancient paintings.
Places like atlantis , the Vril power and other links in this forum seem to point towards an entire seperate history that has been fragmented
and largely untold.
and while I wear the tin foil hat tonight
TELL me why reptilians can not exist?

ha ah haaa
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