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Default Re: The Nazi Bush Regime

I understand that Bush and Co have been labelled "Fascist". They look it on the surface. I even did a video montage about it. But the black uniforms are about it.

If you will note...Italy and Germany ACTUALLY looked after it's people. Where is Bush's nationalism?

Fascism is about the efficient to and fro of ideas and shared goals between the business world and the State which flows into an efficient to and fro between the people and those institutions. Can anyone please point me to this phenomena in the U.S?

Japan best suits the truly "fascist" model. Though it's loyalty flows through strong family bonds which I have been told make it a little different.

With regards the U.S am reminded of Stalins thuggery far more than any fascist dictators.

I think "Organised Crime" is a far better term to describe the Bush administration. Tony Soprano comes to mind.

It's goals are the destruction of the economic and social fabric of the U.S comrades. But not to worry, Hillary will look after you. And those power suits! Grrrrrrrr...
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