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Default Re: The Nazi Bush Regime

Truebeliever, that does it, I think I'm in love. You are a man after my very own heart. :lol: I love semantics, too; they are the base of every good debate! (Freeman, see you at another site for another round tomorrow, got to share my laptop tonight.)

TB, first of all, you know everybody and his brother just LOVES to bash Germany because of Hitler and in turn, Nazis. Guess the writer of the article thought that was the worst thing he could call Bush & Co. or liken them unto.

My dog-eared old dictionary reads as follows:

Fascism: A totalitarian governmental system led by a dictator and emphasizing an agressive nationalism and often racism.

Bush said a dictatorship was alright as long as he was the dictator.

Don't know if his drive to Empire could be called nationalism or not.

Racism as practiced by Bush and Co. doesn't have to do much with race, color or creed, they just hate po' folks, which means I am HIGHLY descriminated against! :-?

Having said all that, you're right in maintaining that they also make good Communists. I read somewhere that 'COMMUNISM IS SOCIALISM WITH A GUN" but I'm not sure that's entirely right. Under Communism, only those who weren't part of the ruling elite shared and all they shared was abject poverty. Sooooooo

Here I am on your side of the fence! They ARE criminals and they surely are organized, so your Organized Crime is the only nom de guerre that fits them totally.

Now if we can get some of those pesky writers of articles to see things our way.........

OK, the mention of Hillary is enough to get me away from the keyboard, gotta go find a barf-bag, :-?
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