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Default Re: Jeb Bush's Mystical Warrior Friend

BlueAngel wrote:
Leviathan wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
You are that THING and my suspicions are confirmed.


How so?? What kind of thing are you?

What suspicions have been confirmed??

None that I can tell.

All of my doubts about life and theories sit with US!!

Tell me more!!

I'm on the edge of my seat!!!

You are not keeping your promise.
Is it the mental illness.
The drugs.
The mind control.
Do you understand that we means more than one.

It wasn't a promise!

Yes, I understand what WE means and therefore I ask again, how many personalities do you have?

No mental illness, no drugs, no mind control.

I think you're describing yourself, dear child.
We are far from a child, but you are not far from a mother.
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