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Hey Anna

Hello from across the pond. I lived outside Maidstone,Kent for about ten years. Near that area is where the cure for aids is hiding.

The story goes... There is this dude and he has a drunken doctor friend. The drunken doctor has been working on this potion and sells it to dude for 1.8 million pounds.

Dude invests a further 33 million pound and voila
a 248/250 cure for aids.

Gordon Brown offers 25 million
Pfizer have tried to kidnap dude and now he lives in a fortess.

The BBC were supposed to air the special prior to XMAS 03...did you see it? Me neither. (if they only knew how I knew LOLOLOL!!!!)

I had a chance to speak with Anrew Gilligan (no,it wasn't him). Interesting, to say the least...remember Dr. Kelly and the Kangaroo Court at the Royal Courts of Justice? WMD's in 45 minutes?????????

I also met the good Dr. of Iraq - head of human rights. Geeze I've seen some things and met some folks and heard some stories.

God Bless Britain
God Bless us all

mary XXX
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