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Phillip said: "Secularization does not mean a decline in the need for religion, but only a loss of power by traditional denominations. Studies of the geography of religion show that where the churches become weak, cults and occultism explode to fill the spiritual vacuum."

I believe Satan operates through two factions that may seem opposite, while they are the two sides of the same coin. Namely, liberalism and conservatism.

And i mean here their general sense. Quran tells us that the followers of Satan fall in the extremes, extreme right and left, that's the reason why they are in constant fighting, Satan's allies are divided.

For example, i always notice that on any forum, in any country or community, the majority take one of these two sides, either "conservatism, fundamentalism" e.g: being over attached to a rigid dogma (fake god, chosen ones), obsessed with a specific idea, willing to fight and kill all those who oppose it!, and the other extreme is "Liberalism" e.g: when people get rid of all dogmas (no god, anything goes) and think they are free!

Inivitebly those two factions fight and destroy each other, i don't know which side came first, but it doesn't matter!. You can see that in politics too, in each country the two extremist wings fight, and the balanced, God-revering individuals watch!.

So according to this, organised religion is one extreme, and the occult religions are the other! or maybe the occult are on the same side of organised religion! as both revere creatures and idolize mere mortals.

I think maybe that's also what's happening on the global scene, with America and the neocons disguised in the conservatives' cloak, and the UN gobal elite fighting them under the guise of "tolerance", "brotherhood"...etc! the end result is Satan laughing and the masses sinking in thier blood pools!

I see no way out except returning to the original religion of God "Submission", only then will all these extremist devided factions along with their false gods dissapear. May God save us all.
God\'s alternative, USN

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