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truebeliever wrote:

So which idiot are you?



Or the veritable myriad of idiots who come and go from this forum attempting to amuse themselves with multiple "nicks"?

If it aint this weeks lotto numbers you're next to useless.

Dont keep us in suspense...or at least up your lithium dose.
Now, wait just a minute here, Palomino!

I just started by saying "hellp" and everything.

Why are you being at all hostile!

Are you the honorarium plenipotentiary 'round these parts, Hoss?

I think not.

Shave your regulators as you see fit but it's dangerous to mess around with Effexor.

I'm not letting a tyke like you run me offa this forum. I've been around for while and know how to handle myself. It's best if we can get along, if you know what I mean.
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