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Default Re: The Nazi Bush Regime

Once enough chaos ensures we will see the benevolent "dictatorship of reason" step in...with Dear "Hillary" at the helm. Hated or not, that is the plan, just as they have not given up on Arnie yet. Perhaps it will be Angelina Jolle with Brad as "First Gentleman" under U.N control?

I have no exact knowledge of the time frame but once the U.S population is brought to heel then "Imperial Mobilization" will begin in earnest, using the cannon fodder now willing to join up to "eat".

To ensure complience, both the "carrot" and the "stick" will be used...roll out the goodies from those warehouses - Nuclear Fusion - Hydrogen Powered Cars - forget 'free energy' though. They're not about to give that one up.

The releived peasants will no doubt fall for it...especially when you get to feed your family and live reasonably well.

Refer to Thomas Barnett and his presentation "The Pentagons New Map" where he specifies an iron fist to break up countries unwilling to enter into the new age of "reason" and the Globalist agenda. A second force he calls "Sys Admin" steps in to ensure "stability" and enforcement of what Barnett calls the new "rule set". Rule Sets that are tailored to the needs of the Globalist business agenda...or basically, the theiving of raw materials by the same colonial masters that began it 200+ years ago.

Before this can happen the U.S peasantry must be brought to heel and religion "exposed" as corrupt and dangerous. That is the Global Village Idiot Bush's job.
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