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Default Re: Hello, all.

I'm perfectly willing to "let" you make a has out of yourself, Bilbo.
Really? Be careful now...

I think I may have seen something I should not have, recently.
Parents having sex? A Fruedian catastrophe aparently.

I might be willing to share it, here but I thought it would be prudent not to report it until I got to know people around here, better.
Oh please do! But no need to "report" Comrade. Just "share" will do. As for getting to know exactly will you be doing that? We're on the net...anyone could be anyone...people do tell fibs ya know and pretend to be people they are not...:-o...duh...

It will also give me some time to make certain of its veracity before I share my secret. When the time is right, I'll share everything.
Absoloutly everything? Boy, i'm "Big Kev" would say.

Again...i'll just get the popcorn on the stove.

Now, who was making a fool of themselves again?
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