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truebeliever wrote:
Please, enlighten us, Doughboy! Tell us how this all works!
Well actually we're all waiting for you to tell us how it "all works" with the big secret you have?

Did you know these words...

Is your presumed omniscience important enough to satisfy your narcissistic complex that you allow it to feed your paranoid ideations or is it your paranoid ideations as a part of your narcissistic complex that feed the presumed omniscience?
Describe these words...

I think I may have seen something I should not have, recently. I might be willing to share it, here but I thought it would be prudent not to report it until I got to know people around here, better.

It will also give me some time to make certain of its veracity before I share my secret. When the time is right, I'll share everything.

And they say Carl Jungs work on projection is'nt valid!

Again, we're waiting...shall i brew up some more pop corn or will you be forthcoming in a timely fashion...
I know you are but what am I? C'mon Chompy! You kin do better than that!

Do you small the rock that you're cookin', Chaucer?

I can see you're tryin' to apply the heat.

Turn and burn, Babalou! Sierra Hotel.

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