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Default Re: Look Out! China's Comin Ta Get Ya! Booga, Booga!!!!

That would also destroy the U. S. economy, which depends upon trading partners like China buying up its worthless treasury bills in order to stay afloat.
Yes, the U.S sends ALL it's manufacturing to China - things it can build itself - and then gets China to buy it's treasuries to pay for things it could make itself...wah?

My point was that NO soverign nation poses ANY direct military threat to the U.S. China is owned and operated through the anglo/U.S banking establishment. The U.S will be destroyed from within but for the reason of centralising power and bringing U.S peasants to heel so they will be willing cannon fodder for the Globalists. In that I would point one to Thomas Barnett and "The Pentagons New Map".

Wish I could share your optimism, but I don't see any way for this NWO plan to succeed with America still intact. The country has to be destoryed both financially and militarily.
No, they will destroy the U.S economically and socially but with Fabian Socialists like Hillary and the U.N at the helm. The U.S military and cowed peasantry are required for the Globalist plan of installing new "Rule Sets" on recalcitrent Islam and others. The U.N will carry on the Neo-con mission just saying "please" first...with hopefully the full support of the peasantry...after the horrors of Fudamentalist Christians at the helm.

Quote: one will care when Vlad Putin and Russia retaliate to neutralize this great, evil entity known as the U. S.
No. There are no plans for a "surprise" attack by Russia on the U.S. All of this "war talk" in the sense of "individually" motivated nations with a genuine grudge is pure theater. A few dispenable nations may get new car parks and everyone will shit their pants and demand the U.N step in. No doubt lotsa "13 Days" type drama...but no real war.

With the combination of "Global Warming" weather disasters, threats of all out war and "Supavolcanoes", to be sure it may be enough to bring the U.N into REAL power with a moral mandate.

If during the next few years there is enough resistence to GENUINE U.N rule then I'm sure they will let loose the Nukes around 2011-12 but in a planned and co-ordinated fashion.

There is no genuine self motivated "enemy" facing the U.S. Just 250 million of it's own restless peasants.
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