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Default Re: Video On The Origens Of The Illuminati/Mason Movement. "The Lightbringers" By Juri Lina.

Being Luciferian is not something so unusual, if we think about it. All the New Agers, maybe 50% of the population now in several stages, are ! They think Satan is an invention of Jehovah to make his equal, Lucifer, look bad, that it was invented in the 1st century. The Bible says clearly that Satan is Lucifer and that he was created, never an equal to Jesus.

When the Masons ask for light, and then for more light, they are indeed asking for the so-called light bearer. Lucifer for them is a great source of light, a source of wisdom. There are several occult organizations here in Brazil that teach that too...when the person can be "trusted" then they say that this Satan stuff is just a myth, that people in the antiquity who worshipped Lucifer were just worshipping wisdom and light. But since nobody will understand this, much less the prejudiced Christian, we better be quiet about it. This is the essence of gnosticism, if we think about it.

The few who become Satanists are the ones with enough curiosity and hunger for power. They are told that if you REALLY want to understand the universe's secrets, you have to know the dark side. This wouldn't be a problem, because darkness and light are just the same thing...only Christians can't recognize that. Then they start dabbling with the "horned God". In Wicca, it works the same way. Next thing you see, you are sacrificing children and thinking you are doing them a favor.

And it all starts with this "Lucifer and Satan are different guys".
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