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Here is the some of the truth as I know it.

The United State's government is corrupt and has been for a very long time. 1913 the FED was created which basically stripped Congress of its' power to coin money.

Banking houses were formed by very wealthy families and this is how our GOVERNMENT finances the people's business, through privately owned and operated central banks. They lend money to your bank and my bank as well.

So, when the people are forced to borrow for war, for disasters, we borrow from the private bankers and repay them with interest. Forever indebt and enslaved to them.

Lord Rothschild is probably the highest ranking member of the Illuminati. The Illuminati consist of 13 families. However, the "rogue CIA" basically controls our country and they have people who work for them on a "need to know basis."

Our politicians are placed in power by the powerbrokers. Our votes don't count. Never did, never will. Democrat or Republican, many of them are members of "Skull and Bones," secret society (YALE), could be connected to the bloodline families, but have changed their names so as not to appear Jewish because these men know that a Jewish politican will never be elected as President of the United States. Their reasoning. Not mine.

Our government is responsible for the drugs that enter and leave this country for the most part. Getting and keeping society addicted to drugs is their most effective way in silencing the masses. Other than that, we are fed disinformation constantly so that if there is a "conspiracy" and our government is responsible, we can't sort through it. They choose a commission of their own who investigate, such as 911, all is fine, case is closed.

JFK was assassinated because he warned the American people at a speech at Columbia University ten days before he was killed that our Freedom was in jeopardy, he began issuing silver certificates to put the power to coin money back into the hands of Congress and he tried to abolish the Psychological Strategy Board (responsible for mind control programs).

Robert Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA with the Mafia's help (they work together..CIA protects them) because they vowed that, although, the Kennedys are one of them, never to allow another one in the White House.

John John was most likely killed in a small plane crash so his idea of a political career could be thwarted before it began.

Our politicians are basically murderers (not all), drug addicts and many are pedophiles. They use our children as their killing machines when they fire up their "military industrial complex," lie to us about the reasons for war, bomb a nation to pieces and then award contracts to their corporations (Haliburton, etc.) to rebuild.

All of your life you've been told that you are FREE and so, you believed it. From cradle to grave our society has been brainwashed to believe we are the greatest country in the world. We are now longer viewed this way by the rest of the world. Their objective, of course.

At present, Bush, Jr. is dismantling our country. Destroying it from the inside out. The NWO desires to bring America to a third world country. The UN steps in, poverty, disease, etc., just like Africa.

They have in their possession technology to produce energy for next to nothing. They have technology from the Russians to modify the weather. They have technology in their possession that they use against us. On another note, I heard we can run our cars on vegetable oil.

911 was in the planning stages for decades. Flying jumbo jets through 'skyscrapers' was the event that would catapult America into a "war on terror" and afterwards the rest of the plan would unfold; sniper, anthrax, gas prices, virus in China, black-outs, oil shortages, natural disasters.

Traumatize a nation again. As if Kennedy, Martin Luther, Robert, etc., etc., etc., wasn't enough.

Fear and more fear. Crippling our nation. Thinning the population.

With traumatic events, such as Kennedy, shown to the world and played over and over again for decades, people can become traumatized. They are fearful and look MORE to their leaders to protect them instead of realizing their leaders are the real terrorists.

Bin Laden has still not been captured. They use him to "scare" us every once in a while. The Bush's have ties to the Saudi family and the Saudi's own alot of our country. Invest heavily here.

They caught Saddam a man who had no ties to Al Qaeda or 911 and this is to appease the American people.

As you know, Bush, Jr's grandfather and many other American politicians helped to finance the Nazi's.

And, I won't even go into mind control programs.
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