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Default Re: Just seeking the truth....

Oh, I forgot to say welcome!!!

:lol: 8-) :lol: 8-) :lol: 8-)

P. S. I forgot to add that "Martial Law" isn't far away if they feel they are in deep dodo and concentration camps ready and waiting.

The "Patriot Act" sounds good just like "No Child Left Behind."

However, the Patriot Act is a mechanism to destroy our privacy our freedoms.

WE are all now terrorists until proven innocent. All suspects.

The No Child Left Behind act takes money away from schools if they do not supply names and telephone numbers of their students who they might want to recruit.

We are learning to line-up like cattle and be herded through check points. Sound familiar?

They produce viruses and diseases and collect money from all of us for cures for decades never making any advances. Go figure.

They put floruide in our water which is unnecessary. It is a pacifier. They change our brain chemistry in many different ways.

They sell drugs for our illnesses that produce a myriad of other symptoms and then only to find out later they can and did kill.

ADHD and Autism. Most probably from childhood vaccinations. ADHD could be environmentally produced in children living in such a technologically advanced, fast paced images, etc.

Oh, boy, I better stop now!!
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