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Default Re: Video On The Origens Of The Illuminati/Mason Movement. "The Lightbringers" By Juri Lina.

Yes, I have read one. It is Paulo.
The guy is an awful writer. All the attention he receives is because of his encounters with spirit guides and the philosophy they preach, which is basically new age.
He used to be a very disturbed young man, who was interned in a psychiatric house by his own family.
Then he became a hippie and wrote lyrics with raul Seixas, a rock star here, very involved with occultism and drugs (he died young of overdose).
After Raul died, he became a bum without goals in life, until Satan thought he would be useful for his cause. The secret of his sucess is totally spiritual...he has absolutely no talent whatsoever.

Finn wrote:
Many of the central teachings in theosophy are indeed in the grey area.

Have you read any books by Paolo Coelho, Saturnino?
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