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Default Re: Noam Chomsky - Controlled NWO Operative ?

I read this earlier today on rense. Chomsky has a strong following on the left, proof that Americans will believe just about anything if it's presented in a seemingly rational, eloquent, and intelligent manner. Chomsky has all of these qualities, which makes him an excellent spokesperson for NWO propoganda.

The article mentions the Chomsky and his like have infiltrated the activist movement, which I can attest to. I was very active in protesting against the invasion of Iraq, having worked then with several peace groups. But after the invasion, they all dropped the ball and forgot about Iraq, and moved onto other things. I then realized that they were more about spreading a far-left, sometimes marxist agenda than they were about stopping/ending the war in Iraq.

The article is also a good study of how the NWO operates.
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