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I agree with LaDominio that we need to fight the NWO. Why should we just let them do this stuff to us. Why? Why do u think that just because u belive eventually Christ will come to save us that we should have to live in this hell the NWO is bringing upon us. We should be able to live good lives withouth the evil persecution of our government. We have to fight if we want to live the way we want to. No amount of preying is going to get rid of the NWO, and i dont know about u but i'm not satisfied with living under there system they are about to make even worse. Once they finnally take full controll and our lives become complete hell what hope will we have. Do you want to live in that complete dictartorship hell till christ maybe comes down to save us while were strugling just to live. Or would u rather take them head on and let the people finnally govern themselves non opressively. I dont know about u but id rather die then give up my freedom. "Give me liberty or give me death". Besides letting everyone live free we also will be able to instill good vaules into people again. We live in a very horrible cultrue that parades many bad things. The people are completly dumbed down and degraded from this culture and the media. If we take controll we can show them the way back to being good upstanding people instead of this stupid materialistic mob they are today. Its up to u you can either A. Live your life like u are now in this bad society waiting for them to deliver the fatal blow to compellty take controll then live like that hoping christ comes to save u or B. You can enlighten people about the nwo and fight them when the time comes to live under a better society. The reason why its much better to fight is because its for a very good cause and even if you die, your going to heaven because your a good christian. There are certain times trhoughtout history where righteous people had to fight against satantic tryany for there right to live there lives well...we are approaching that time. I will be fighting for my freedom...will you? They can kill the revoltionary but they cant kill the revolution!
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