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Default Re: Icke You Are A FRAUD! And Your Followers Some Of The Most Gullible Fools To EVER Walk The Earth.

truebeliever wrote:

Many religions and many cultures such as Aboriginal culture in Oz talk of a giant serpent that shaped the land called "Waggle". Perhaps I could claim it as possible? Of course I will be universally laughed at...hence Icke and his idiot followers...
There is also some truth in myths. For example, "plague of locusts that spout fire" mentioned in the Revelations has been attributed to Apache helicopters. The "Waggle" or whatever that shaped the land could be a giant glacier, who knows.

The most obscure of imaginative myths contain some truth just like the most factual of scientific descriptions contain some falsity. Everyone's imagination is inspired by SOMETHING that exists, even if it may be misinterpreted.

And no, I'm not trying to defend Icke, he makes good Science Fiction.
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