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Default Re: Look Out! China's Comin Ta Get Ya! Booga, Booga!!!!

Hate to burst the bubble..
Would'nt do that would you? If you do I'll report you to the U.N for "Bubble Bursting Hatred Crime"!

Keep in mind that there are now credible estimates that at least 60% of the currenty American military are opposed to Bush and suspect the truth about 9/11 and the war on terror. These are true patrtiots and nationalists who will not knuckle under to outside control.
I agree. And thats the point. Bush has done his job. He has shown the danger of "nationalism" and "militarism" and "religious fundamentalism". Half the Pentagon have served as "Blue Hats" and in fact if you hav'nt done some "Blue Hat" time you wont be getting to far up the chain.

If the "nationalists" and "patriots" wont knuckle under they will be simply framed and shot (just what are 'those' camps for?) a danger to universal brotherhood...and peace. After Bush and a few nukes flying and the kiddies cowering under the kitchen table and the threatened loss of middle class widgets do you think anyone would give a damn about those "kooky" patriots? "Shoot them, shoot them shoot them" will be the cry as we are marched to the Gulags. "Yeah for the U.N!!!!" Will be the cry of the relieved masses...widgets safe and secure, "Ipods" safe in the toasty warm house now heated by all that new technology that they just "found". Hidden by those "nasty" corporations who the U.N sure sorted out with the nationalising of all wealth and above all power..."i LUUUUUUUVVVV the U.N". Who can compete with that?

But then I agree with you...if STILL there is resistence...all out nukes flying by 2011-12...

If during the next few years there is enough resistence to GENUINE U.N rule then I'm sure they will let loose the Nukes around 2011-12 but in a planned and co-ordinated fashion.
My point was made to combat the frame of mind that says China or Russia will be acting "spontaneously" in some sort of "unfortunate" war when it will be completely contrived and organised.

I dont think we actually disagree.
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