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Default Re: Icke You Are A FRAUD! And Your Followers Some Of The Most Gullible Fools To EVER Walk The Earth.

I once had a friend who truly believed that the Trojan Horse series, where a NASA astronaut goes back in time to the see the crucifiction of Christ, was a real thing. See the many places to be in the past, and the author chooses the time of Christ...of course, to say that Jesus didn't die on the cross. All new age BS to discredit Christianity...but people believe it ! People actually believe in that ridiculous Da Vinci Code !

Yes, people believe in lizards.

God gave us a very stable world. He even protects us from demons and supernatural stuff, so we don't get misled or crazy. We can work, eat all the wonderful fruits from nature, raise children. He wants to know if we want to seek love and justice and obey him, in this simple, feet on the ground world. But people want, want, mess with the other side.

I don't care much about the miracles of antiChrist or the scorpion things from the Abyss in Revelations, or firing coming from the sky. They are not part of the life God wants for us, they will be here for judgement, and those who love God won't be here to see it, for this paranormal stuff doesn't help us in any way. The scorpions are probably not Apache helicopters, they will probably be supernatural monstrosities indeed. People who want to see and mess with this stuff will have plenty.
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