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I'm on the same page. As the motto goes: "Whom shall We send, who will stand in the gap for Us . . .?" Isaiah was just one man, but he heard and responded to his divine calling. I've heard two things to discourage me, but they didn't work; the two things are: 1) "Don't mess with the entertainment industry, they're too powerful." Well, if they're soooooo powerful then they wouldn't bother with veiled threats against the public. That's an amateurish way to discourage someone and it is too transparent!! 2) "These people (i.e. Illuminati, black sheep, et al) are powerful and deadly: what you are doing is tantamount to jumping into shark-infested waters." Well, I'm not jumping into anything: I'm one of the guys with the harpoon gun."
Do you see? Psalm 64 says that their words will be turned AGAINST them.
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