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Default Re: What You Can't Say About Israel in Australia

Don't ask me what happened, I only hit SUBMIT once! :-?

OK, while I'm here I might as well go ahead and make a comment on something in the article that especially perturbed me (all of it perturbed me) from a woman's point of view.

You ladies in the Forum try to imagine you are in labor and you cannot get through a checkpoint in order to get to the hospital so you have the baby in the car. Many women don't live through the experience. Neither do the babies.

Guys, ask yourself how you'd feel if your wife and child died needlessly just so a bunch of assholes could exercise their power over you and rub your nose in it.

Ask some of the refugees from Rita how it felt to sit in cars in 100+ degree temperatures for hours at the time. This is SOP for Palestinians at Israeli-controlled choke points, er....check points.

I keep asking myself how the WHOLE WORLD can turn a blind eye to the outrages perpetrated against a captive people like this? IDF uses Palestinian men, women and children for target practice and the world admonishes the Palestenians to stop their attacks on the jews.

If someone shot my child, destroyed my house, killed my husband/wife, you bet your sweet ass I'd become a "terrorist" in whatever way possible. I, for one, am damn sick and tired of jewish pissing and moaning about the holocaust; they have squandered any "capital" they might have earned from that 60-year old blip on history's timeline. War is hell, ask the families of some of the tens of millions of families who lost their loved ones in the war.
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