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Default Re: Video On The Origens Of The Illuminati/Mason Movement. "The Lightbringers" By Juri Lina.


You ask for respect and then you come with this lot of attacks.
It is hard to think that you don't know that Joseph was NOT Jesus father, that Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit. This was necessary because the seed of Adam and the sinful flesh are passed thru the man's line.

Christianity is plain and simple, in a way that even children can understand. What pisses off people is not your new age beliefs, but the crazy interpretation of the Jesus teachings that you come up with.

I remember seeing a TV program in Discovery channel where the guy, a PhD was saying that God didn't part the Red Sea for Moses to pass, that it was a wind that blew there. Yes...have you ever seen wind opening a river ? And if it happens once in a thousand years, would it happen exactly at that moment ? It would be better if the guy just said: I don't believe in it at all.

I see you doing the same thing. How can Christianity be apart from God, if it was God Himself who gave it to man as a revelation ? Take it or leave it.

And BTW, I never said you are a NWO agent.
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