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Default Re: "Eyeless In Gaza"

It IS a fact that religion has been corrupted, the two most obvious examples are Zionist Jerry Fraud-well and Pat "Lone Assassin" Robertson, but there are more than just those two.

Religion and the State have always been "in bed" together, point in fact, Constantine made Roman Catholocism the religion of the Western Roman Empire up until the Renaissance and Reformation. When England kicked the Church out, Henry VIII(?) immediately set up the Church of England to take it's place so he could control it.

It wasn't Kaminski who said, "Man creates god in his own image." He might agree with it but he wasn't the first to enunciate it. IMO, everyone is entitled to believe in whatever religion suits their needs - or no religion at all - but it should be like their underwear, private. None of this, "My god's bigger, better, whatever than yours and I've got the millitary hardware to prove it." BTW, one of OUR Generals said that.

It was said that America is a Christian nation. Now, anytime somebody says that, the jews, muslims, shinto, greenpeace (tree huggers, don't you know), etc. rear up and start hissing and spitting. Only 10 Commandment "radicals" say that much anymore. Pity.

Satanism is a religion. Thanks, I'll pass on it but if its someone else's choice, no law against bad judgment.

While just about 95% of the time I find myself in agreement with you two guys, this time I have to disagree.

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