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Default Re: Video On The Origens Of The Illuminati/Mason Movement. "The Lightbringers" By Juri Lina.

Sat, I've said it before and say it again: I'm not asking for anything.

What are the crazy interpretations I come up with, Sat? I'm quoting the same words Stranger quotes from the Bible and applying them literally. I'm just trying to illustrate that your interpretations are "self-evidences" to you only. There's nothing "New Age" about interpreting texts; you do it, I do it. My understanding of the Bible are different from your understanding, because of my EXPERIENCES.

It seems ridiculous that I would have to say that I know perfectly well what Jesus' words were and what is generally accepted is meant by them. But like in politics or modern sience, what seems to happen is that a theory which ceases to be questioned and is generally decided upon to be "right" and "self-evident" without criticism becomes "true" and "fact" very quickly based on some sort of democratic decision taken by those who all agree with eachother, and on the basis of that "fact" then think they are in the right to dismiss others who don't agree with them. This in fact is the POLITICALLY CORRECTNESS everyone on this forum is so quick to agree with eachother to be the very evil they abhore and fight.

Your Discovery story is very cute, but it's got nothing to do with anything. It's impossible to refer to that story and imply that, based on that story, I should say I don't believe in Christ at all.

God gave Man Christianity. God also gave man the Ancient Vedic religion, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

You didn't address my points that Christianity is one of the newest religions compared to the Vedic one, and therefore could be understood as a genuine New Age religion. Any comments?

Taking Christianity - instead of leaving it - does not force me to reject the wisdom of other religions.

I don't care if you think that's a "New Age" belief of not.

You guys sure bring out the "pagan" in me! :-D

Harsh words.

Don't choke on a pretzel, Stranger&Sat.

"Christianity is at the root of the evil that has corrupted the West. This is the truth, and it does not admit uncertainty.

In its frenetic subversion of every hierarchy, in its exaltation of the weak, the disinherited, those without lineage and without tradition; in its call to "love", to "believe", and to yield; in its rancor toward everything that is force, self-sufficiency, knowledge, and aristocracy; in its intolerant and proselytising fanaticism, Christianity poisoned the greatness of the Roman Empire. Enemy of itself and of the world, this dark and barbarous wave remains the principal cause of the West's decline.

Christianity - take note - is not to be confused with what passes today for the Christian religion: a dead stump cut off from the initial profound impulses. Having disrupted the unity of Rome, Christianity first infected the race of blonde Germanic barbarians, thanks to the Reformation, and then penetrated so deeply, tenaciously, and invisibly that it infused current European liberalism and democratism and all the other splendid fruits of the French Revolution up through anarchism and Bolshevism. Christianity today informs the very structure of modern society (typified by the Anglo-Saxon model) as well as modern science, law, illusory faith in technology's power. The latter are permeated by the will to equalize, the will to numbers; by the hatred of hierarchy, quality and difference; and by a collective and impersonal vision of society, a society based upon bonds between mutually inadequate men, worthy of a race of slaves in revolt."


"Without a return to such a [pagan] tradition, no liberation will be possible, no true restoration, no transfer of spirit, power, and empire into the realm of values. But let not our "anti" give rise to misunderstandings. They [Christians], not we, are forces of negation. They are the ones who sapped Rome, contaminated Wisdom, and destroyed aristocracy in the name of a reign of sentimentalism and humanitarianism ruled by "enemies of the world". And they did so in order to exalt a superstition according to which God is an executed man and enslaver of other men whom he condemns to damnation unless "grace" intervenes on their behalf. No more foolish or absurd fable has ever been devised than that which treats paganism as a synonym for materiliaty and corruption, while Christianity is, instead, associated with purity and spirituality. Yet this superstition still manages to inform so much contemporary thinking!"
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