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Default Re: Video On The Origens Of The Illuminati/Mason Movement. "The Lightbringers" By Juri Lina.

This conversation with you Drak is getting weirder and weirder (or is that just my interpretation, perhaps)

Am I going to go back and look at “Drak’s” history of thought on religion before I reply to a comment that you made me? Seriously, Drak, are you listening to yourself?

The only words that I am going to comment on are the ones you wrote in this thread. I QUOTED YOU WORD FOR WORD MAN, WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAING ABOUT? Did I quote you incorrectly? You made some bold statements (good for you, no problem with it) about Christians and how they behave and Jesus. Your were rebutted using your own stinkin quotes, and then you pull this “well you should have researched my past writings to know what I really think” What is that all about?

To review
1) We were talking about the Illuminati and you change the topic 180 degrees to “we don’t talk about God enough”
2) You went on to make some bold statements THAT I QUOTED BACK TO YOU WORD FOR WORD in rebuttal, and your defense is go back and look at your previous writings, because that is really how you feel. What??????????????? I could give a flip about that past stuff, we are discussing what you just wrote!

So you mean to say that you have to go through Jesus' body and out his back to get to his father, Joseph? That is what Jesus said, that's what the Bible says, right that's what the words mean according to you, right? And why would I want to come to Jesus' father, Joseph? Because Joseph IS Jesus' father, right? He WAS born of Joseph and Mary, right? I mean, it is a really simple, straightforward meaning, Stranger. Read the words again.
Wow, that is amazing stuff, dont know how to respond to that. This next comment is not about you personally Drak, but your thought listed above: That attempt of debate, or more fittingly intellectual masturbation, was so inept, so delayed, that is does not even constitute stupidity. Drak, you have far more resources and intellect to submit that response, your IQ is probably 50 points higher than mine. We will just pretend that quote did not happen.

Well, it's not me saying it, it's Frithjof Schuon
Did you say Frithjof Schuon, well that a different story then. Frithjof Freakin Schuon? I can see it now, standing face to face with Jesus on Judgement Day and I will say "sorry Lord I did not believe you, you see there is the Frithjof Schuon guy, and well he wrote 20 books, and his view of spirituality was much more palatable than Yours" Good neighbor Drak.
Thanks for rattling my cage Drak, your helping me to shake of the ol cob webs.
You only live ...twice
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