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Default Re: "Eyeless In Gaza"

Religion as we know it and as it is practiced today has been corrupted and distorted IMO. The "rapture" is extraBiblical; some 19th century mystic gets credit for that one.

Two of the greatest corrupters are Zionists Jerry Fraud-well and Pat "the assassin" Robertscam. There are more but those two are best known because their faces are plastered on the Amazing Electronic Zionist Brainwashing Machine, TV to the rest of you.

The Book of Revalations and Armageddon rouse the faithful and fill their coffers because of fear and they drive it home that this war in the Middle East could signal the return of Jesus.

What happened to the teachings of a gentle Jesus, meek and mild who said, "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the Kingdom of Heaven?"

Is that the same Jesus who is "on our side" while innocent men, women and children are blown to bits by our war machine in an illegal war started on a pack of lies? Yet good Christians say we have to save face and keep the war going? How many more lives have to be sacrificed on the altars of Mammon, Molock and Bachus? Do Christians realize to whom they are sacrificing?

It used to be said that America is a Christian nation. Nowdays, because of our "cultural diversity," you don't hear that much anymore because the muslims, jews, shinto, wiccans, etc., take offence. Only 10 Commandment "radicals" will put their neck on the chopping block by making that statement, yet, at one time it used to be true.

Satinism is a religion, too. Not my cup o'tea but for those who choose it..... no law against bad taste.

Faith - or lack thereof - should be as personal as your underwear. The point being, religion as practiced today is a GREAT divider. I think that is about all Kaminski is seeing, therefore saying.

While more times than not, I find myself in agreement with the two of you but not this time. I must respectfully disagree.
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