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Default Re: What You Can't Say About Israel in Australia

Barbara wrote:
Blue Angel, try 10 BILLION, not counting all the free military hardware they can import, loans that turn into grants, and other "sweetheart" deals from our bought-and-paid-for representatives.

The Palestinians have no military force. Period. Israel stands with a foot on their collective neck and they cannot do anything to change it. As for the attacks against jews that get all the media attention, it wouldn't surprise me if over 50% (if not more) are false flag operations.

If the situation were reversed and some group was doing to jews what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, you can just imagine what would happen. To hell with this "chosen people" BS, no self-respecting, so-called "loving" god would choose them, unless his name was SATAN.

I tell you, Americans better start paying attention, we are going to be in the same boat as the Palestinians, up Shit Creek in a chickenwire canoe without a paddle.

Barbara again to my point, is it they that are to

blame if the goyim can't figure out how to make

another country give them free money or fight

their battles for them ?

Are you saying that God erred in freeing them

from slavery in Egypt so they can become your

masters ?
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