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Default Re: What You Can't Say About Israel in Australia

The point is that they couldn't do what they do

if God was not on their side.

Here's an example of their genius from today's

news ... again proving that whether its Australia

or Russia they are the chosen people.


MOSCOW (Reuters) - Roman Abramovich was already the No. 1 billionaire in a country famous for its fabulously wealthy oligarchs. He just got richer.

Russian state gas behemoth Gazprom (GAZPPE.RTS: Quote, Profile, Research) is paying $13 billion to take over oil firm Sibneft (SIBN.RTS: Quote, Profile, Research) from 38-year-old Abramovich, its majority shareholder, who spends much of his time in London where he watches another of his prize possessions -- Chelsea soccer club.

"Everything his hands touch turns into crisp notes," Forbes magazine wrote prophetically earlier this year, when it already put his wealth at $14.7 billion.

The takeover, the biggest in Russian history, follows a heady period of energy musical chairs, which also saw state oil firm Rosneft win the choice unit of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's YUKOS after it was auctioned off to pay punitive back taxes.

"Mr Abramovich is getting enough money to keep 15 generations of Abramoviches," said Sovlink analyst Eric Kraus.

As well as all the money, the deal also puts Abramovich in the good books of a Kremlin, which is keen to build Gazprom into a global energy giant.
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