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Default "The Other Israel". Video On The Darker Aspects Of Judaism. Basic History For The Newbie...

"The Other Israel" Describes the origin of the Talmud/Kabalistic bent of current Judaism.

The exodus to Babylon where many of the darker rituals of the "sicker" side of Judaism originate.

Also, the origin of the Khazac Jew converts from Russia and their role in the Russian revolution and Communist doctrine.

Not much here for the expert on these matters but for a "newbie" to the subject such as myself this was a real eye opener. It has also erased the worst of my basic bigotry towards the forever whining "Jooooze". Now I see how it all fits and will kiss my Torah loving Jew neighbor every morning with my new knowledge. Thanx to DRAK for the disk.

28meg WMV File.

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