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Default Re: "Eyeless In Gaza"

Allright, something is definitely wrong with my laptop! After I wrote the first post and hit SUBMIT it refused to take it. That was OK, I thought I remember most of what I had written, so I tried it again.

Same-o, Same-o for results. :-? By this time I am sorely frustrated and ready to delve into my supply of hyphenated cuss words. As luck would have it, my in-house computer whiz kid (my youngest daughter) came in and I threw a death grip on her and pulled her towards my hightech set up, which consists of a lapdesk barely larger than the laptop it holds.

A good ten minutes pass while I explained the problem as I understood (?)it; hmmmm, says she, "Mom, I think you have a short." Panic, a short, how, where??? "Between the chair and the keypad," she replied as she breezed out to run errands.

Stupid me, "What should I do?" I asked her back. "Give it a rest, MOM." That was a while ago, I guess I fixed the short.
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