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Default Re: Warrior Of God?

We are already under attack. Realize that it is not sin to kill in self-defence. So what are we waiting for?

And how would you define a 'harpoon'? Is it scathing words, un-veiling secret information and exposing the perpetrators to the public? Or is it something more physical and direct? are either incredibly stupid or working for an Intelligence Agency or perhaps just stirring, hoping to have this site and perhaps the originator, Henry Makow, labelled as the sponsor of a "hate" forum dedicated to the over throw of elected government?

Cease this line of thought or be labelled as an "online agitator".

I note the inflammatory title of the thread..."Warrior Of God".

We all get angry and frustrated with unfolding events and feel powerless. Because in many ways we are. Me included.

You claim to be an informed Christian and yet come out with bullshit talk like this? You are full of it.

Go and agitate at Liberty Forum.
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