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Default Re: "Eyeless In Gaza"

Yes, i'm having probs posting as well.

Could simply be the server performing something...ask DARKECHILD.

As for Kaminski...he writes excellently and I look forward to his "sane" and "reasonable" analysis of events.

Still, if you are agitating for the abolishing of religion as the answer to all the worlds problems you are either a useful idiot or "working for the other team".

Kaminski is intelligent. I find it hard to believe he cant tell the difference between nut case fundamentalists and the ACTUAL religious texts that are quite SPECIFIC in their he saying the words of Christ as written in the 4 Gospels are shit? Made up? The answer is yes.

He is a Left wing agitator out to destroy Christianity and I dont care how perfectly "reasonable" his arguments are...that goes for Mike Rivero to.

Refer to the video I have posted BARBARA at...

"The Other Israel".

People who follow Kaminski and others like him will gladly throw away the central tenants of Christianity and the institutions that have grown up around it and protected individuals from unlimited State tyranny through the structure of the political and judicial systems...all based on Christian tennants and swaring loyalty unto God.

As the plot unfolds people will gladly throw away their rights to come under the authority of the Secular Humanist United Nations program.

Baby fur seal colonies should thrive. As for the human race? I am not so sure.
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