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Default Re: Look Out! China's Comin Ta Get Ya! Booga, Booga!!!!

In case you were wondering, I was thinking today that Russia and the US work together.
Well yes, and thats the point.

Again I dont disagree with you except on somantics FREEMAN.

When you say..."dismantle the U.S militarily.." why bother? If you have control of the Pentagon through the influence of the NWO internationalist arm why would you need to nuke the U.S to "dismantle" it?

Is'nt 5th column techniques the way? White ant it from within?

In reality, most of the U.S is "liberal" in nature. I mean just look at it! The U.N will have NO problem getting the specific agenda through. It will use Americans to do it. Why nuke?

Already, VAST swathes of the U.S population (and Oz and U.K too) voice and have internalized the basic tennants of the Internationalist agenda. I can put the basic agneda of the NWO program to 100 people on the street and they basically agree with it...religion is bad and causes problems, humans are inherently stupid and need to be culled, baby fur seals are cute and need places to live, the government is basically good, people who talk outside of "mainstream" news are on the whole "whacko's"...

How hard will it be for them?

That being said, what you have said with regards Israeli influence and subversion within the Pentagon is true. I think it can happen because the average American believes U.S and Isareli interests are the same. Materialists get on just they do.

Again. I basically agree.

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