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Default Re: From the Ministry of the bleeding obvious

I simply dont bother trying to work it all out.

Just opt out. Then your common sense brain faculties will not be brutalized by such common idiocy that surrounds us these days.

Case in point. 4 coppers were booking people for crossing against the light near the Perth train station. He pulled me up after I crossed without a car in sight just down the road slightly. He gave me the speil and I just nodded and said nothing handing him my drivers license. I could have said.."hav'nt you got real crims to catch?" and so on...but I simply said nothing but "mmm mmm" and did not respond to him...just gave him my details. He gave me a warning instead. He knew that I knew that he was a stupid idiot. As I was'nt playing the game and simply now expect bullshit where ever I go I find things go along a little easier.

Also, i now have concrete plans for getting out and I simply cant be bothered arguing any more. Let them eat cake.
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