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Default Re: Video On The Origens Of The Illuminati/Mason Movement. "The Lightbringers" By Juri Lina.

Draken wrote:
Wow - civilized discourse! I'm touched.

Watch and learn, Sat&Stranger.
Give me a break, man !


What about all those scrolls and books NOT included in the Bible? Why not? Who decided? Why? What was in them that so did not fit with the plans of the early Church Fathers? Why were they considered so controversial that they needed to be suppressed and miscredited?

Does it not in fact look more like Christianity was subverted from the start?
Draken, you talk like you are the only one who ever thought about this issue. Books and books have been written to explain why certain books are cannonical and others not. The obvious answer is that letters from the apostles generally accepted by all the churches and confirmated by witnesses of Jesus are included. About the Old Testament, the Septuaginta, a huge translation to greek made 300 AC very much settled the controversy.

Don't you think that if Satan wanted to discredit Christianity the FIRST thing he would do would be to create a fake book ? It is not because it exists, never having been accepted by any primitive church (where witnesses of Jesus existed), totally in contradiction with the rest of the Bible, that we should accept it as proof.

Do you really want to get into this discussion ?

Many of the Dead Sea Scrolls I hear are contemporary with Jesus. Are those considered forgeries by "true" Christians or are they applying their "correct" interpretations on the texts? I haven't read them (I'll definately read them) but I hear they give a completely different view of what the early Christian cult really was like and what it taught.
What are you talking about ? The Dead Sea Scrolls are exactly the same as the Old Testament books. You must be talking about the texts of the Essenes. These have never been claimed to be Scriptures.

Regarding Bush, he's no more Christian than those Pakistanis or Arabs raping Western women are Muslims.
I agree, but that doesn't prove that the Bible is false.
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