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Default Re: theological question: what are the other 'gods' that are talked about in the Bible?

Barbara, please.
God is one, manifested in Three persons of the same character and substance. This is not politheism. It is the concept of the Trinity. Think about water in gas, ice and vapor states. No, I don't understand how it is possible, but that is really beyond my and your comprehension. Anyway, it is clear from the Bible.

Which seed of Satan are you talking about ? Which verse in Genesis ?

Yes, Jesus said that those who follow Satan had Satan as a "father", meaning they followed him, but this has nothing to do with that verse in Genesis.

What you said about Christianity in Brazil is totally wrong and prejudiced. You are talking about Macumba, which is really voodoo with Catholic syncretism, concentrated in the state of Bahia, where the African presence is strong. It would be the same as I told you that Christians in the US are ALL Mormons because they are Mormons in Utah or that they are voodoo followers because there is vooddo in New Orleans.

Less than 1% (ONE) of the population follows this voodoo stuff in Brazil. And I am surely NOT one of them ! :-D

On the other hand, more than 25% are evangelicals and the rest is probably Catholic.
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