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Default Re: "Eyeless In Gaza"

BARBARA...what matters to me is the practical effect of Kaminski.

That is to further weaken the religious foundation of society.

The VERY foundations of the Judicial and Political systems of the West are based on Christian tenents.

His comments destroy that, and are aiding the esteblishment of the New World Order "Institutions" which have their value system based on the new religion of "Secular Humanism" to which I gaurantee he is an adherent.

He sounds like a nice guy and I enjoy his articles but ultimately we need to go deeper than even him.

Kaminski knows what he is doing. He is smart enough to be more specific than he is...therefore I cannot cheer him on, though i enjoy his articles. It is standard Left antiwar which goes the extra mile and is extremely well done to be sure.

But I cannot sleep with someone who is ultimately aiding the enemy. He considers Christianity a load of old bollocks and for the weak minded and gullible. What am I to do?
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