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Default Re: The US double standard

Insight, from one of the TLR books, it was stated that under the Potala (?), the Dahli Lama's residence, there were tunnels that took one down and down and down to a level where there was a small "house" built of onyx, containing two coffins. The coffins were over 10' long containing the corpses of a man around 9' tall and a woman over 7' tall, both perfectly preserved.

He, TLR, wrote that the Llamas had a prediction that when the wheel came to Tibet, Tibet would "fall," so they had plans in place to permanently seal off the tunnels.

From other sources, I've read about cave openings here in the US that lead down to a place where Deros live. It has been a lot of years since reading about them but I think Dero stood for deranged robot, partly human monsters.

So many good books out there, so little money!

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